Franks zauberhafte Holzkunst


Here you can get an impression of the character of my work. My approach is always to combine practicality, ergonomics and appearance. All pieces are handmade unique pieces, usually highly polished to 1500 sandpaper and oiled.  I use linseed oil, Danish Oil and beeswax, all approved for sealing wooden objects in kitchen use as well as children's toys. I combine a wide variety of materials (wood, horn, bone, semi-precious stones, metal...) and techniques (e. g. notch carving, pyrography, inlay work...). This is in constant creative development.
I am curious and playful! :)

To make a targeted search easier for you, I have divided my gallery into thematic areas. Some pieces fit into more than one category. Just have a look across. To get into a thematic area: Just click on the button!

Medieval, RPG and more