Franks zauberhafte Holzkunst

About me

Creating things from my imagination has accompanied me all my life. For a long time I didn't want to rely on earning my living with art, so I worked for many years as a carpenter and then as a nurse in dialysis. Therefore, I have always pursued art only occasionally and on the side as a balance to my working life. As different as carpentry, nursing and art may sound, they have always had one thing in common for me: love, care and constant development.

In all three professions, I have always been concerned with responding to the person in front of me and meeting his or her needs with my work, giving him (or her) the means to be independent. 

The logo of the top right of this website was created for me by Trudy Wenzel aka Synticfaye   (website: It represents a lion's head in a rose blossom. The lion because that is my zodiac sign. The rose blossom stands for my dear wife, who gifts me with the protective environment that makes it possible for me to practice my art.

As an empath, I work a lot with my intuition/emotion, depending on what I sense as coherent in the design. I am in constant communication with the material and go with what the wood offers me. Just recently, after retiring from nursing care, I have picked up quite a few early workpieces again. And, with today's experience, I could work out much more finely what I laid out as expression originally. And I rejoice in the fact that nothing is ever wasted or even inferior. Joy of creation is something living, always evolving!

My work should give joy of life and I like to pass on knowledge. In my carving lessons, I would like to give you the opportunity to create beautiful things yourself with little financial expenditure on materials and tools, thus creating a balance to the often stressful working day. In doing so, I also like to discover together with you how to make use of simple tools. You don't have to spend a lot of money on tools to achieve beautiful results when carving.

For purchase inquiries, interest in carving courses, or commissioned work just drop me an email:

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